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About Very Bunny

Very Bunny started life as a series of drawings that Leilani had created. They had character and a cuteness that made Robert want to use them in game. So we started by putting them into a small mini-game in Unity that eventually became the Gem collection scene in Very Bunny Haha. This was then turned into her Senior High School project. Something that Leilani was to learn from while working on. She did an excellent job on the project and got to present it to teachers, parents and peers. This went so well that Leilani also got to present the project in the school sponsored STEAM presentation day, getting up on stage and talking about all she has learned about making games, with some specific areas of art discussed for requirements and time.
The school project was going to be relatively small, compared to what we now have in development for VBHh. It started out life as an homage to Harvest Moon and Poptropica. Even then putting both these games together was going to be quite large. However the core gameplay is based on farming and could be considered quite repetitive. We really enjoyed working creatively together on the project so continued on after the project was finished with as far as her school was concerned. We wanted to finish this game and publish it as we were rather proud of what it looked like and how it worked.
Robert is an avid reader of Gamasutra.com and game development sites, and one day came across an article that discussed making your NPCs (non player characters) more life like. He enjoyed the article so much that he shared it with Leilani who also thought it was brilliant. We had definitely felt our NPCs were very static in the game and this article pushed us towards trying to make our NPCs have more depth and character. So we took notes of what to do and tried them out on one of our NPCs. It was immediate and amazing. We came up with a personality and with it motivations and desires. This then quickly led to us wanting to add more quests that made sense for this character. More quests was OK for our quest system.. or that is what we felt. Then as we gave more and more of the games NPCs this
profile makeover we ended up with so many ideas from cross purpose motivations along with storylines that would match up with other NPCs. Somehow this had led us to have a village of characters... rather than a village of just player elements waiting to be triggered. We could have taken this further and have multiple storylines and endings etc, but we really had to draw the line somewhere, or this game would never be done. Also as we pursue the main story arcs we find other important quests to add to the game to fill out and round off some of the characters, or needs of the player.
So now we had something that we felt was wholly ours and unique and something that both of us were incredibly excited about. This did of course mean that the direction of the game has altered dramatically from a simply farming simulation with light questing to a Story driven with lots of Quests exploring game. This change we realized is going to add considerable time to the development of this game. However our excitement cannot be dulled and we both felt that this story telling style was something that made us unique, compelling and exciting. This was the way to go.

We wrote down many story arcs for the NPCs, never considering the time it would take us to create each of them in the game itself. The quality of the story telling is very important and our time and the time of development for the game are secondary to us. Our desire is to make the best game we can with this new story model, though of course we cannot take every long road to completion. Currently we have over 170 items in the game alongside 120 quests. We expect that the final tally for VBHh will be approximately 250 items and 200 quests. Work goes on every day around a full work day and college education, but each day VBHh grows slightly and moves slowly towards completion.
The future for Very Bunny Haha holds surprises for us, including expansions of our ideas. We are optimistic that people will love the endearing and unique graphics all hand drawn for this game, alongside the incredible voices filling out our in game characters. We hold hope in our hearts that it will be a commercial success, as that will allow us to expand and improve on this little universe we are creating

Meet the Devs

Robert Toone

Programmer and Designer

Robert has been creating games now for many years and has worked on more than 80 published games. He is still as enthusiastic a game creator today as he was when he was 15. He works professionally porting and enhancing Triple A games as a day job, and at night gets to work on his own titles along with rebuilding his house. He is truly enjoying creating this game with his daughter, bringing to life a game from their hearts.

Leilani Toone

Artist and Designer

Leilani is an avid learner and actress, having performed in many plays and musicals and is now in college. One day they hope to help animals by becoming a Vet. They are also an avid gamer and has been a tester in many of Robert's previous games; always coming up with suggestions, bugs and ideas. While they are doing all of this they are also busy with cosplay and creating works of art in all sorts of different mediums.

Meet the Voices

All the characters in-game are given their voices by a slew of very talented humans. Without them, the game would be a lot quieter! Click on their images to learn more about them.
Hailey Hayes                      Nother Name                    Nother Name                    Nother Name                   Nother Name                   Nother Name
Hailey Hayes                      Nother Name                    Nother Name                    Nother Name                   Nother Name                   Nother Name
Hailey Hayes                      Nother Name                    Nother Name                    Nother Name                   Nother Name                   Nother Name
Hailey Hayes                      Nother Name                    Nother Name                    Nother Name                   Nother Name                   Nother Name
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